Aarp Health Insurance – A Comprehensive Coverage Plan For Over 50’s

When you get to about 50 years of age, your health insurance rates start really skyrocketing. If you are in that age group, it can be really tough to find decent health insurance at a decent price.

AARP Health Care Options is a program that makes it easier for you. AARP does not only offer health insurance; It gives you insurance, special savings options, and resources for managing your health as you get older.

What Can AARP Do For You?

First, you have to become a member of AARP. Then, all this becomes available to you.

AARP has contracts with companies that offer insurance and insurance products. You can get insurance plans from AARP, including primary health insurance plans, supplemental plans, and long term care plans.

Through AARP you can take advantage of Medicare insurance products and services. Depending on where you live, you may be able to get dental coverage as well. There are also programs within AARP that offer free eye exams and discounts on eye care products.

AARP also sells prescription drugs to members at reduced prices. You can choose to get your prescription drugs either through the mail or at your local drugstore with your AARP membership card.

It also offers a wide variety of health and lifestyle products aimed at people over the age of 50. AARP puts out a catalog that has vitamins, supplements, sleep aids, hair care products, over-the-counter drugs, and fitness goods.

If you have Medicare Part B, AARP can deliver products and supplies for your Medicare package straight to your door. If you have Medicare and suffer from respiratory problems, diabetes or other illnesses, you can take advantage of this program. AARP handles all the paperwork and hassles for you.

Medicare and most regular health insurance policies won’t cover nursing care expenses. AARP does, and it offers lots of flexibility in choosing your assisted living facilities and caregivers.

AARP Dental Insurance

If you become a member of AARP, you can also apply for their dental insurance plan. They will let you use the same dentist you’ve been using, so you won’t have to change to one of theirs. They also have special deals on dental insurance, like a two-year guarantee on fixed premiums starting from when you sign up. For more info see on Health Insurance Companies.

AARP Eyewear Services

Although AARP’s health insurance plan doesn’t cover optical, they offer lots of great deals on eyewear and eye care products to members. You can save money on frames, contacts and other products, and you can take advantage of these savings at major department stores like Target and JC Penny’s. All you need is your AARP membership card.

How To Enroll

If you’re interested in enrolling in AARP, there are several options. You can do it by phone, or you can go to their website and download the enrollment forms. Then, you simply send in the forms with payment. The website’s online rate finder makes it easy to figure out how much you’ll be paying.

If you’d like to enroll, or find out more information, check out the AARP website at There you will find much more than just information about their health insurance plans. The site has all kinds of news, entertainment, health information and more.